Life Without Benedetta :: Interviewees

Nella & Roberto
Benedetta's parents
This upsetting scene shows the ongoing distress of losing your child as Roberto breaks down during the filming. Both Roberto and Nella bravely speak about Benedetta growing up and their experience of her passing in the London Bombings. They both live in Rome, Italy and all their scenes were filmed within their family home.

I have known the Ciaccia family since 1998 and they are like a second family to me. Losing Benedetta for me was extremely painful, however, I cannot imagine the pain they feel as her parents.

Donna & Kevin
Host family in Kent
I guess you could call them Benedetta's first friends in the UK... Donna & Kevin met Benedetta through an Au Pair agency as they had two young children who needed looking after whilst they were working. Benedetta moved to the UK in the search of improving her English and broadening her horizons. She decided to work as an Au Pair whilst doing this.

However, what Donna & Kevin actually got was a new best friend and sister, the children got a second mother which they adored.

Benedetta's ex-landlady
Benedetta moved into a house in East London when she got her first job in the city. We found Tracy's advert in a paper for a house-mate and a new friendship between us all grew. We had lost contact with Tracy for a year or two before Benedetta's passing due to the usual hectic life-style of being in London but it didn't matter to Tracy when she found out about what happened.

She got on a plane straight away and flew to Rome to see Benedetta's family for the first time and attend her funeral.

Raj's mother
My mother was like a second mother to Benedetta and spent a lot of time together going out. When at home they would spend a lot of time cooking as they loved sharing and learning to cook Italian & Indian recipes from each other. They were extremely close and shared a lot of their innermost thoughts and feelings. When Benedetta passed away, it was like my mother lost her daughter.

These interview scenes are very moving clearly because of the obvious emotional difficulty my mother has of speaking about Benedetta's passing.

Carrie Taylor's father
Carrie Taylor was another young lady with a whole life in front of her who was tragically killed on the same train and Benedetta. They would have been in very close proximity of each other during the explosion. Benedetta and Carrie shared similar stories that they were healthy women around the same age and had their lives cut short by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

John Taylor gives his own emotional and moving experience of the London Bombings when he lost his daughter, Carrie, in the explosions.

Survivor Edgeware Road
Elaine took part in the documentary after hearing about it through the grapevine. She has never spoken publically about the subject and kept herself locked away in her own mind all this time. For the first time she shares her story and released a lot of emotion by taking part. Elaine has been diagnosed with PTSD and explained during the interview that she receives very little help to cope with it.

Off duty Police Officer
Liz was an off duty Police Officer at the time of the bombing and was on a different carriage on the same train as Benedetta. She was the first emergency worker on scene after the explosion. Due to her fast actions, she possibly saved at least two lives and bravely stayed amongst the carnage of the Aldgate bombing to help those who needed it.