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5th Anniversary of the London Bombings

06/07/2010 - 4thought

Interview in relation to Benedetta for a series on Channel 4 running over the 5th anniversary of the London Bombings. Will be aired on 06/07/2010 at 7:55pm. For more information please see

4th Anniversary of the London Bombings

There are 3 Life With Loss events surrounding the film for the 4th anniversary of the London Bombings.

RomaUno is a TV Channel in Rome, Italy. This is Benedetta's home city and where she has been laid to rest. On the 4th anniversary, RomaUno will broadcast Life Without Benedetta with Italian subtitles at 11:00pm their time (10:00pm GMT). This film can be watched online through their website
Life With Loss is holding an important event at Channel 4 Cinema and part of the evening will be screening Life Without Benedetta. The audience for this particular event are pre-selected and invited directly by Life With Loss. However, if you wish to request a seat, some places have been kept available for such requests. Please click here for more details.

Fulcrumtv is an award-winning independent production company, with over twenty years experience making documentary and drama for every major UK and US broadcaster.

In January 2009, fulcrumtv saw Life Without Benedetta by chance and loved the story. We have been since working with them to tweek it for sale to television channels. Our aim is to have it screened on UK Television for 7th July 2009.