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TV Interviews

The YouTube player below is a playlist of TV interviews about 'Life Without Benedetta'. Containing the following interviews:

1. ITN (UK, Aired: 03/06/2008 at 10:30pm, Runtime: 00:02:08)
2. Sky News (UK, Aired: 07/07/2009, Runtime: 00:02:49)
3. Sky News Live (UK, Aired: 06/07/2009, Runtime: 00:05:31)
4. Rai TV (Italy, Aired: 07/07/2009, Runtime: 00:01:21)

Radio Interviews

Dr Carole Lieberman, USA
Dr Carole Lieberman is a media psychiatrist for a radio station based in the USA. Show interview about 'Life Without Benedetta' after it stirred interest quickly across the Atlantic shortly after it was screened in the UK. This interview was conducted over the telephone from USA to UK and broadcast live across the USA.

Aired: 17/09/2008
Runtime: 00:53:00
Homeland Security, USA
Dr. Dave McIntyre and Col. Randy Larsen present a program for a USA radio station based in Texas. Show interview about 'Life Without Benedetta' and again conducted over the telephone after the show researchers saw an article on the Internet regarding the documentary.

Aired: 08/10/2008
Runtime: 00:08:50
Radio 24, Italy
Giorgia Scaturro attended the media screening of 'Life Without Benedetta' on 06/07/2008 and conducted the interview straight after. This interview is in Italian and aired on an Italian radio station.

Aired: 07/07/2008
Runtime: 00:01:42
Mr.P of TCTK, UK
Mr.P conducts the first interview about 'Life Without Benedetta'. This interview was about a week prior to it being screened for the first time.

Aired: 03/07/2008
Runtime: 00:37:34

Articles on 'Life Without Benedetta'
These are hundreds of articles on the Internet and in Newspapers regarding 'Life Without Benedetta'. Below are a selection

23/08/2008 - The Sun
This article was about the film 'Shoot On Sight' and reviewed by relatives of a victim of 7/7. Reference to this documentary half-way through the article

18/08/2008 - Jaggeree
A blog in reference to the event that was running to get the documentary to New York for 11/09/2008

15/08/2008 - East London Advertiser
Screenings of the documentary at St Ethelburgas in an attempt to get the documentary to New York for 9/11 following success in UK

10/07/2008 - The Croydon Guardian
An article on the documentary written by a local newspaper

08/07/2008 - Telegraph, India
An article on 7/7 with mentions of the documentary in an Indian newspaper

07/07/2008 - The Evening Standard
One of hundreds of articles on the 7/7 anniversary and the documentary

07/07/2008 - Italian Cultural Institute
A promotion of the screenings on the 3rd anniversary of 7/7

07/07/2008 - Folha's website
News of the documentary reaching a Brazilian newspaper that was covering a report of the third anniversary of 7/7

06/07/2008 - The Independent
An online version of a double page spread made by The Independent. This article focuses on the lives of various people affected by 7/7 three years on.

02/07/2008 - Evening Standard
This was the exclusive story provided to the media about the documentary being made.